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   T.A.N.K.S Game
T.A.N.K.S game window
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Game window

This is where all the gaming takes place. The window is composed of the game view itself, hit- and heat-indicators, the scoreboard and the chat.

This shot is from the heat of a battle between three of the T.A.N.K.S development team members.

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   T.A.N.K.S Settings
T.A.N.K.S settings window
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Settings window

Here's where the settings for the game are made. The settings include player alias, tank type, map to play on, individual or team playing, network selection etc.

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   T.A.N.K.S UDP Server
T.A.N.K.S UDP server
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UDP server

This is the UDP server, which needs to be used when running T.A.N.K.S in UDP networking mode. All that has to be done is to select a game map to run the server on and then start it.

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