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It seems T.A.N.K.S version 1.1 won't communicate with version 1.0 over the network?

Yes, that's right. The network protocol in version 1.1 changed and hence all messages from version 1.0 are ignored.

In essence, make sure that everybody in your playing party has the latest version of T.A.N.K.S.

I have a dial-up connection, and since T.A.N.K.S doesn't have TCP/IP networking, is there any use in trying to play over the Internet?

Try the UDP/IP networking mode. I'm on a dial-up connection too, and I didn't think it supported UDP/IP but it did. Perhaps you could try starting the T.A.N.K.S UDP server on your machine and let others try to connect to it via the net (the UDP server will show your current IP address in the bottom of its window so you can tell the people who are trying to connect which IP they should connect to).

If you're lucky you have multicasting support (my ISP doesn't provide that) and then you can run T.A.N.K.S in multicasting mode.

If none of these work I'm afraid you can't play T.A.N.K.S over the internet. You should be able to play T.A.N.K.S over a local network (LAN) though, atleast in multicasting mode in Win98. If you're on another platform you probably need a multicasting router in your LAN.

I can't find any other players!? Is there a way to play against the computer, or find out when and where other players are going to be available?

As it is now, you'll have to round up friends and acquaintances, start a T.A.N.K.S UDP server and have them all connect to it.

It would be nice if we had a dedicated T.A.N.K.S server online 24 hours a day that everybody could connect to, but that isn't currently possible (it isn't worth the money to get a permanent high-bandwidth internet connection and dedicating a computer for it).

There are no computer players yet, but we'll hopefully add this feature in the not too distant future.

Is there a map editor so I can create my own maps?

We have an editor, but we're only using it ourselves for the time being. We won't release it until T.A.N.K.S has support for custom maps, which it probably will have in a not too distant future.

Can I write a bot (computer player) for T.A.N.K.S?

T.A.N.K.S currently doesn't have any support for bots, but we're working on it. We'll need to change T.A.N.K.S quite a lot to make this work (we didn't plan to include bots when we started designing the game), so it'll take a while.

When I start two instances of T.A.N.K.S on the same computer, I can only see one player in each window. Where is the second player?

The player identification in T.A.N.K.S is based on the IP address of the player's computer, so you can't run more than one client on each computer (well, you can, but the clients won't see eachother). This restriction will probably be removed if we drop the multicasting networking (which we'll most likely do).

In essence: one computer for each player.

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