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T.A.N.K.S is donationware. This means that if you like T.A.N.K.S, feel free to send a donation to the T.A.N.K.S development team. The donation can be money or something else you find appropriate.

Each of these archives contain all files needed to run T.A.N.K.S. Manual included.
T.A.N.K.S 1.1  zip
[418 kb]
For Windows. Contains .exe files.
T.A.N.K.S 1.1  tar+gzip
[362 kb]
For any platform (Linux/Unix/Mac/Win/etc).
Text files:
Readme Installation instructions and legal information.
History Version history and changes.
Bugs Known problems.
Old T.A.N.K.S versions.
T.A.N.K.S 1.0  zip
[405 kb]
For Windows. Contains .exe files.
T.A.N.K.S 1.0  tar+gzip
[356 kb]
For any platform (Linux/Unix/Mac/Win/etc).
T.A.N.K.S 1.0  sit+hqx
[543 kb]
For Macintosh. Contains Macintosh binaries. Thanks to Isak Styf.

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