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T.A.N.K.S is a network game written in 100% Java where each player drives a tank around in a playing field, trying to blow enemy tanks sky high by either shooting at them or ramming them.

There is no single player mode for the time being, only multiplayer, so you'll have to round up some friends to play with/against.

You can play either individually or in a team.



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   Development Status

[2008-01-04] Consider this project on deep hibernation - nothing has happened for years and years and I don't see when this will change, atleast not in the near future. One day I'll sit down and atleast fix existing bugs and make sure the game works with the latest Java version.

I have loose plans on porting the whole shebang to C# and .NET Framework (I work as a C# .NET developer since 2001), but there will be no promises, sorry. I haven't produced a single byte of code outside the office for such a very long time...

[2003-05-09] Nothing has happened in a long time now, which is largely my (Kenneth) fault, being so very lazy. There are still plans for version 2.0, the question is when it'll happen. For now, I (Kenneth) will try to release version 1.2 with bug fixes and other things. Hopefully I'll stop being so lazy and get it done...
[2002-01-07] Not much action here, sorry for that. None of us have much time for this so we'll see what happens.
[2001-03-27] Version 2.0 is still in its planning stage. Sorry for the apparent lack of progress but we have been (and still are) very busy with studies and other things.
Planned to release version 1.2 as soon as possible. It will probably not contain any new features, mainly a rewrite to provide better networking.
Work on version 1.1 finished!

Unless there are bugs to be fixed, the next version we release will probably be 2.0. It'll have bots (computer players), custom maps, map editor, reworked network engine and a new UDP server with a lot more features.

Since we only work with T.A.N.K.S in our sparetime, please be patient.

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   Technical Info

Written in Java

T.A.N.K.S is a Java application using AWT for the graphical interface. Performs best in Java 1.1. The reason for not having an applet version is that multicasting networking can't be used in applets.

Multicasting networking

T.A.N.K.S has a multicasting networking mode. One of the great things with this is that there is no need for a server. Players can join and leave without interfering with other players and any server related problems can be forgotten about.

UDP/IP networking

T.A.N.K.S also has an UDP/IP networking mode so that you can play the game on networks that don't support multicasting. This requires a server, which is included as a stand-alone application in the T.A.N.K.S distribution.

No TCP/IP networking

We first wanted to include a TCP/IP server, but after some testing it became apparent that the horrible lagging due to the nature of TCP made the game unplayable. UDP/IP lags a lot less and hence TCP/IP support was dropped.

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